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If our Roaming Selfie Booths existed on July 20, 1969, NASA would have definitely booked one for Neil Armstrong when he took his first steps on the moon. True story.

Our Roaming Selfie Booths are brought direct to you and your guests by our Booth Attendants for the length of your event. Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding, festival, or race, deliver an interactive experience without worrying about power outlets or setup space. 

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Roaming Selfie Booths

Roaming Selfie Booths offer your guests an entirely new photo booth experience, interacting with your guests throughout the night. Our Booth Attendants walk throughout your event, whether its indoors or outdoors, and capture the action as it happens real time. The best photos typically happen in the midst of dancing, or celebrating, where your guests can strike a pose with no limitation. Once you see your guests celebrating in real time, captured in still photos, boomerangs, or gifs, you’ll see why this has become the most popular “photo booth” for 2019. Additionally, Roaming is ideal for events where space or lack of power may prevent a traditional photo booth from operating.  Our Booth Attendants are trained to interact with your guests to capture the best moments at any event, where-ever they may happen.

  • Instant Social Sharing – Text photos direct from the booth to your phone. Share with your friends and family instantly with a custom event gallery that showcases everyone’s photos in real time. 
  • Photo Filters & Digital Props – Glam up your photos, or go for classic black and white. Imagine replacing the background of your photo with a live video, available on the spot.
  • Wireless Experience – With no limitation on the amount of time a Roaming Selfie Booth can run, or where it works, we dispatch our Booth Attendants to events where a traditional photo booth could never operate. Selfie Booths are 100% wireless and can function anywhere that a person can walk. 

Popular upgrades

Sharing Station

Add a sharing station that allows guests to print, email, and view a gallery of all event photos. A touch screen kiosk and printer that can be placed anywhere at your event.

Photography backdrop

When space is at a premium, but selfies matter most, an 8’x8′ photography backdrop is the ideal add-on to create great photos for your guests.

Snapchat Filter

Your guests love to take photos, inside and out of the booth. Offer them a personalized design, accessible anywhere in the building directly on their phones. 

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