Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous moving pieces involved to planning your wedding. Between interviewing vendors, choosing music, and tasting food, its understandable that the process may feel overwhelming at times. We try to make booking your photo booth as painless as possible, and in doing so, have provide this FAQ list to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about your booking.

What is your booking fee?

We charge a simple $150.00 advance reservation fee for any photo booth booking. This amount applies towards your total balance, reserves your date, and guarantees that your particular photo booth selection and options will be availabe on your event date. The remaining balance is due no less than 2 weeks prior to the event date, with the exception of custom requests, which require advance payment to begin any design work, assembly, and order processing. 

How Much Space is Required For Setup?

The answer to this depends on your specific reservation. We have multiple types of photo booths and on average required a 10×10 area for most booths with a backdrop or enclosure. If using a backdrop (either or open or enclosed) you will also need at minimum 8 feet of standard ceiling height. When shooting against a backdrop, inside of an enclosure, or aimed at a wall, typically you want a minimum of 6 feet of space between where people pose, and the actual photography equipment. Additionally, if props are part of your booking, we will need space to factor in a 6 foot table. A 10 foot x 10 foot unobstructed area is ideal.

What is the "service time"?

The service time is the duration that we will be open and operational to your guests. For example, if you book us for a 4 hour reservation, scheduled from 2pm-6pm, then we will arrive approximately 1.5 hours in advance of 2 PM, for setup and testing, and you will receive 4 hours of service time. We usually spend 45-60 minutes setting up and 30 minutes breaking down. So in the above example, we would arrive at 12:30PM and depart around 6:30PM to allow us to operate from 2PM-6PM.

what is required on the event date for operation? (electrical, loading access, etc.)

If booking any of our photo booths that require electricity (most traditional booths and specialty booths), The photo booth must be located within 50 feet (along a wall) of a standard 110V, 10 Amp, 3-Prong electrical outlet. The circuit containing the outlet must be free of any other loads. We cannot share an outlet with a DJ, or any other type of equipment, as this can and will cause problems in most older buildings, for everyone hooked up to the shared outlet.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the person booking to ensure that a building has safe and secure designated loading areas and entrances. If your event takes place within a building that has stairs, it is required that there is elevator access, or an additional charge will be assessed for the non-standard loading. We want everyone to have a fun and safe event, and the safety of our staff and your guests is critical to this.

Some of the equipment we utilize requires multiple staff to transport up stairways safely, if there is no elevator access. Any bookings where the loading requirements are ignored or misrepresented by the client, will be charged an additional setup fee if additional staff is available for safe loading. If this is not possible and the loading requirement was misrepresented or ignored, the client risks forfeiting their reservation. Any buildings that lack a loading area, for example, ones with no vehicle access areas at entrances or exits, or paid parking for vendors, will be assessed an additional loading fee. 

What kind of changes can be made to a reservation and when?

Any request for a date or time change must be made in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance of the original event date. Changes are subject to availability and written agreement and acknowledgement by the service provider.

Can a reservation be canceled?

Cancellations are handled on a case by case basis. It is never ideal to charge a client and not deliver on services. However, reservations by the client are an agreement and committment to the service provider as well. We turn down over events once yours is reserved, and this involves a loss for us if events are cancelled without a reasonable advance notice. Whenever possible, cancellations will be honored and refunded in full. Any canceled events occurring less than thirty (30) days prior to the event date forfeit all payments submitted, and at the sole discretion of the service provider, may be eligible for a transfered credit for a future event, depending on date and availability.

Can you setup early, or shut down for a fixed period of time at an event? (Idle Time)

Early setup or ‘idle hours’ can be purchased for any reservation. This is strongly recommended for most weddings, as our most popular booking is typically only 3-4 hours. We arrive early for setup (1.5 hours in advance) however, if that time falls during a part of your wedding when guests have already arrived, it is typically perceived by your guests as the vendor arriving late. 

Additionally, some people prefer to shut down the booth during important times throughout the night (first dance, speeches, etc). 

For this reason we offer idle hours, at a rate of $50/hour, which can be used for early setup, or during any part of your reservation where the booth will be shut down and not operable.

Are there travel charges?

We service Metro Detroit (the tri-county area) and typically do not assess a travel fee for events located within 25 miles of 48047. However, events that require a greater time in driving, or overnight stay for the safety of our staff, will be assessed a flat travel fee based on the total distance and time required.

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash, Check*, Credit/Debit, and PayPal are all accepted.

*All checks must clear 2 weeks prior to event.

What does 'Unlimited Prints' Mean?

We are one of the few companies in Michigan who offer a truly unlimited photo experience, with no asterisks or hidden meanings to the phrase. As many times as your guests would like to enter the booth, they can do so, and we will happily reprint any photos where guests request an additional copy.

Do you price match?

We’re happy to discuss budget and options for any event. You’ve likely done the research to compare multiple companies and their product offerings and prices. When doing so, it is important to consider all options offered with bookings and ultimately go with the company you feel delivers the best value for your money. 

Please review our checklist page and compare what you receive from the competitor’s offer and ours.

Most companies use different package names and prices, and what’s considered inclusive in our packages is likely an additional cost with others. We use only the best Canon DSLR cameras, fastest commercial printers, and studio quality professional lighting to deliver our Luxury Photo Booth Rental experience.

The price is not for everyone, but for those want the best for their events, Red Carpet Reserved makes sense. We offer exceptional customer service, and utilize the best equipment for a reason. Our prices reflect this as well. Feel free to contact us after reviewing the checklist if you’re still not convinced.

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