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We understand that planning a wedding, party, or corporate event involves a lot of work. Everyone’s budget is different, and your needs are different as well. The following is a bit of advice that you can use to question any potential vendors for your events. Feel free to print this off and use it as a checklist to compare what you get. Packages vary across companies; names and prices differ as well. All of our packages typically include extra services and premium options that other companies likely charge an additional amount for.

The following are questions to ask a Photo Booth Rental company to evaluate whether you feel they are the best choice for your event. They are broken down into sections, which cover all the important topics.

Professional equipment

All photo booths are not created equal. Ask what kind of camera, printer, and lighting equipment your potential vendor uses. Anyone who is a professional in the industry will use industry-level equipment.

They should use professional DSLR cameras, Dye-Sub Printers, and have some kind of lighting setup that isn’t the built-in flash for a camera. Don’t be afraid to ask for specific names and models. If they mention the use of a webcam…don’t walk, RUN away from that company as quickly as possible.

At Red Carpet Reserved, we use ONLY Canon DSLR cameras, DNP Dye-Sub printers, and Paul C. Buff lighting equipment.

quality of work

Any professional who is invested into their business will have TONS of photos to show off their work. Between setup photos of equipment at events, to actual samples of photo outputs, you should ALWAYS ask for sample photos. We have both digital and printed samples available at any given time to show clients for all the options and extras we offer as well.

price and "value"

Don’t fall for a classic bait and switch. Many companies advertise an unbelievably low price with no options and strip out the very features that make it a photo booth. Pay for attendants? Pay for setup? Pay for props? Get out of here! All of the above is included (AND MORE) with every standard booking from Red Carpet Reserved.


If it sounds too good to be true…It usually is. Photo booths have become immensely popular over the last few years, which means that many companies have come and gone overnight, and have left quite a few unhappy customers in their rear view. Equipment is resold used, changes hands, and companies pop up over night looking to take advantage of what they believe to be a quick and easy payday.

Your service provider should be committed to investing in their appearance, their business, and their service inside and out. Our attendants are professionally trained, well dressed, and well groomed, and our equipment matches this as well.

It’s not uncommon to book a ‘great deal’ and end up with a plywood box, or an old computer monitor peaking out of a home made booth. Odds are if you’re spending money an event, you’re looking for a little more than that. Don’t end up getting tricked into renting a photo booth with a shower curtain as a backdrop, we wish we were kidding about that one!

We use custom designed state-of-the-art enclosures built for our equipment. The photo booth you rent from Red Carpet Reserved looks right at home at your wedding, at a red carpet premiere, or a black tie event. Appearances matter, and we go out of our way to make sure that both our photo prints and equipment are the highest quality.

Service Times & Use Definitions

Many companies consider the time you book with them to be inclusive of the their setup and teardown time, leaving you with no guarantee as to how much ‘booth time’ your guests actually get. We allow you to choose exactly how long you want your photo booth booked for, and the setup time is on US! We arrive early, and setup our equipment to ensure that when your guests arrive, everything is ready to go.

Additionally, in the photo booth world, the word Unlimited seems to have evolved to carry multiple meanings, depending on who you ask.

As a luxury service provider, we are proud to offer a truly unlimited photo experience, with no asterisks or hidden meanings to the phrase. If your grandma wants an extra copy of a particular photo, we’ll print an extra for grandma, no questions asked.


Booking events and knowing what you’re getting should be easy, but for some reason it isn’t. Find out whether the vendor you’re considering includes a contract. Contracts exist to protect you as a customer, and to ensure you get exactly what you want. Unexpected surprises are rarely in your favor.

Further, most companies will charge a booking fee or deposit. Be cautious of those that don’t. How do you know for a fact that your booking is reserved? Without a contract or booking fee, it’s impossible to be certain.

Red Carpet Reserved offers a 60 second booking system, and a simple contract that ensures confidence, just like an ‘Old Fashioned Hand Shake’, which is why we call it that. We also guarantee that once an event is booked with us, that is your time and date. Many companies book events first-come-first-serve, then cancel on you when its too late to find a replacement, because they found someone else who is willing to pay more. This is something we are highly against. Once an event is booked with us, it is yours and in stone. This offers a simple peace of mind, of one less thing to worry about.


This one is simple. Any professional you hire for your event should have Liability Insurance for their business, their equipment, and their workers. Look any company up with the State of Michigan, and make sure they truly exist. If they do, they are required by law, to carry liability insurance if operating in any commercial capacity and servicing events.


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