5 Reasons Why You NEED a Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? Then you already know that there’s a lot of moving parts involved. You’re tasting cakes, checking out banquet halls, and finishing up alterations on your dress, and thats just the tip of the iceberg.

Entertainment at your wedding is an important choice. People are there to celebrate one of the biggest events in your life. Between the ceremony, open bar, and the dance floor, its a LONG day for everyone involved.

So why book a photo booth? Here’s the top 5 reasons we’ve gathered, based on questions and feedback from real brides, and real wedding guests.

Do you price match?

We’re happy to discuss budget and options for any event. You’ve likely done the research to compare multiple companies and their product offerings and prices. When doing so, it is important to consider all options offered with bookings and ultimately go with the company you feel delivers the best value for your money. 

Please review our checklist page and compare what you receive from the competitor’s offer and ours.

Most companies use different package names and prices, and what’s considered inclusive in our packages is likely an additional cost with others. We use only the best Canon DSLR cameras, fastest commercial printers, and studio quality professional lighting to deliver our Luxury Photo Booth Rental experience.

The price is not for everyone, but for those want the best for their events, Red Carpet Reserved makes sense. We offer exceptional customer service, and utilize the best equipment for a reason. Our prices reflect this as well. Feel free to contact us after reviewing the checklist if you’re still not convinced.

Not everybody dances, and sitting for a long time is tough. As the saying goes, choose a seat, not a side.. The Red Carpet Luxury Reserved Photo Booth experience naturally brings people together. Behind the Red Curtain, people get goofy, they act silly, and sometimes they even fall in love! Regardless of who’s family or friend it is, photo booths bring people together. 

It’s hard to figure out that perfect “take-home” for a wedding. Do you give them a piece of drift wood from your rustic themed wall? A box of chocolates? this is truly challenging. One thing’s for certain, its impossible to please everyone. But we’ve come pretty close. In the world of smart phones, food allergies, and constantly changing trends, a printed photo is a rare treat. Kids and adults both love having their picture taken, and having something to leave with, that they can hang on their fridge, to remember your magical night by, is a tangible that you likely won’t see left behind after the night ends. 

There’s no getting around this. Weddings are expensive. Music, food, and everything else in between. A photo booth is not like a photographer, its the entertainment for your guests. Have you ever given a small cat or dog a box or a ball to play with, and observed them endlessly entertained for hours? Photo booths are kinda like that. We’ve got tons of props, masks, signs, and a horse head! Give your guests the ingredients for a good time, without breaking the bank. There’s no “set price”. We have a few packages we recommend based on popular rental times, and highly demanded extras, but we’ll work with you based on your budget to make sure a Photo Booth makes sense economically as well. 

A photographer can only capture so much, even with a small team. Some people are naturally intimidated at the thought of “staged” photos. We know how hard everyone prepares for the wedding, between hair, and make up, and sometimes skipping meals. We let your guests put their cell phones down for a second, and have their picture taken as many times as they want, and they even see what the photos look like. Take as many do-overs as you need. No more “holding the phone at an angle with a missing arm” shots. And we don’t even judge you for duck lips! 

Whats vanilla ice cream, without chocolate sprinkles? Plain. What about chocolate sprinkles, and gummy bears, and pop rocks, and syrup? Awesome. Thats what it is. The Red Carpet Reserved Luxury Photo Booth Experience is all about the extras. We start with our studio photography cameras, our Lighting Flash Units and Beauty Dishes, and the fastest photo printers in the industry. From then, it s a whole new world.
Your photo strips don’t print on plain white. We can customize the photos with logos, phrases, designs, patterns, anything your heart desires.From then you can add a memory book for your guests to sign or a digital memory book to get a copy of all of your photos on a personally engraved iPad, or even upgrade to 4×6 portrait prints for everyone to keep. And if the guests are Snapping away, we’ve got that covered too. Red Carpet Reserved is the first to bring Metro Detroit Custom Snap Chat filters. Designed to match your photos, or your wedding color themes, ask us how to make your event unforgettable! 

Still reading? Glad you’re following along. Everyone loves prizes. If you’ve made it this far, we have a special prize just for you.

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